About WSSC

Established in January of 2018, West Sacramento Strength and Conditioning is a gym dedicated to strength training and all forms of functional fitness.

We run small group Functional Fitness classes. We work on Strength Training, Olympic lifting with emphasis on technique-building, gymnastics elements and skills, and conditioning that combines all aspects of fitness.

The WSSC Training Methodology

We consistently and relentlessly feed every athlete’s “three-headed monster” — also known as the three foundations of fitness: Strength, Conditioning, and Skills. Through elevating your efficiency using all three energy systems (Phosphocreatine, Lactic Acid/Glycolytic, and Oxidative) and consistently feeding the three heads of your fitness game, you will reach new levels of strength, cardiovascular fitness, and overall well-being.

Meet the Team

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Coach Chris Baca - West Sacramento Strength and Conditioning
Coach Chris Baca


Scott Burge

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