Skyler Blanco

Coach Skyler Blanco - West Sacramento Strength and Conditioning
Coach Skyler Blanco – West Sacramento Strength and Conditioning

Coaching Philosophy:

As a coach, my main goal is to help people move better and perform everyday activities safely, while staying physically and mentally healthy. I am a firm believer that functional fitness is for everyone, and just because you do functional fitness does not mean that you need to be competitive in it. functional fitness is a great tool for people that just want to live healthier lives while staying injury-free. Seeing people strive into older ages or overcoming preventable diseases is just as gratifying to me as watching an athlete win a competition.

Year You Started Functional Fitness Training and How You Found It:

I started CrossFit at the end of my sophomore year in 2012. My brother was doing a competition that was held at our school and said that I should try it out. I signed up for the competition not knowing what I was getting myself into. The competition challenged me in ways that I had never been challenged before. I knew that CrossFit was something I wanted to do after competing in that competition.


CF L1;

Athletic Background:

I played football and wrestled in high school until I found CrossFit. After I signed up for the CrossFit class, I just stuck to doing that.


I have coached CrossFit at multiple gyms since 2015. Competitive CrossFit athlete since 2013 winning a few local competitions and placing high on a global platform as a teenager.

What do you do outside the gym?

I love to travel with my wife. I like hiking and camping. I also like to relax with Gabi whenever I get the chance to.

Favorite Food:

Burritos for sure. They are so versatile.